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What to Expect From Your Home Inspection

Saturday, January 13, 2018
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What to Expect When Inspecting

If you’re a Real Estate buyer (new or experienced) who just signed one of the many great Aventura homes for sale in South Florida, then you are headed to one of the most important steps of the closing process, the home inspection. Here's what to expect so that you can handle this part with confidence.

The home inspection is one of the most important parts of the home purchasing process, yet most buyers don’t know what to expect. This is where your listing agent should step in, although more often that not, they aren't as helpful as a buyer should expect. I am always sure to do the proper research required about a property in advance and review with the seller any disclosures and necessary know-all about the property with my buyers, in advance. This is a time where I can point out any issues with the house (faulty electrical, appliances that don't work, leaky windows, et.c) that I might see in advance of closing, which is important to find at this stage in the game so that it can be addressed with the seller and the buyer together before signing, at which point, the buyer will have less leverage.

I always participate side-by-side with my buyer during the home inspection day. Along with standard interior check-ups, the inspector looks at places like the roof to ensure no tiles are missing as having to replace a roof quickly after signing would be super costly for a buyer and should be considered in the total closing costs. Every detail of the house should be looked at and noted on, from cracked grout in the bathrooms to mold under carpet to bigger issues like a wrecked roof or safety issues with an electrical panel.

All issues, questions or concerns that arise during an Aventura home for sale inspection could majorly impact the sale or affect the property’s final value. I take great pride in the inspectors that I work with and I, as my buyer's trusted Real Estate agent, like to work with a referred inspector who I trust and have used before. Typically the inspector will make notes and provide a detailed report within a few days. From there, it is up to your Real Estate to review the conditions and issues with the buyer before presenting any information to the seller to review and/or change the contract, if that's necessary.

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