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Examples Of What (And What Not) First Time Buyers Are Looking For In A Home

Friday, February 06, 2015
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With the economy improving, many singles and young families are looking to take the jump to fulfill that “American Dream” of becoming first time homebuyers.

While there are new first time homebuyers getting keys each and every day, this generation is taking a different approach than ones of the past. They are much more conservative and realize how serious of a decision a home purchase can be. I am going to give you a few examples of what they look for and what isn’t as important:

· Future Outlook: Type of lifestyle helps determine which direction they should turn to. If they plan on staying in the home for less than five years a condo may be the better option. This way they can build up some income as well has hopefully make equity for a future, move up home. If though a couple or young family is planning on expanding a single-family home could be a good option that they can enjoy and have their kids grow up in. Homeowners association (HOA) maintenance fees though play contributing factors in both options.

· Kitchen Layout: Many of my clients seem to look at kitchen layout as a big determinant factor in the home they choose. In fact many builders are designing homes with kitchens being a main focal point. They are making them more open and incorporated into the family room area.

· Family Room: A family room is also very important to first time homebuyers as it provides a place that the family can be together and enjoy each other’s company.

· Dining Room: Dining rooms aren’t as important as they used to be. That is because younger generations these days lead very busy schedules and eating at the same time isn’t always the norm.

· Extra Bedroom: First time homebuyers like having an extra bedroom for guests such as their family to stay in. They can also utilize this room as an office or study. Most new homes in Sunny Isles are incorporating an extra bedroom in their floorplans.

· Garage and Garage Spaces: Type of home determines garage necessities. I have seen many condominiums in South Florida offering a valet service as well as one dedicated parking space for their residents. I find people looking for single family homes want a covered garage that in many cases is used not to park their car but to use the space for storage.

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest purchases a family or person can ever make. While this is a very exciting time for them, I pride myself in making sure all my first time clients clearly understand all the variables that go into purchasing their first home as well as helping them in making the entire process seamless simple.
Are you purchasing a home for the first time? What are you looking for in a home as a first time buyer?

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