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Fixer Upper Opportunity in Aventura

Friday, March 09, 2018

Tags:  Remodel, Miami Investment Homes, Miami real estate, Miami, Miami Fixer Upper, Fixer Upper, Investing, Miami homes

Take advantage of Miami's booming Real Estate market by investing in a fixer upper home. Buying homes, making improvements and reselling them for a profit has long been a proven way to achieve financial gains. Commonly referred to as a "Fixer Upper" opportunity, renovating distressed properties represents the greatest risk and reward for Miami Real Estate investors. There aren't too many other businesses that can generate a similar return on investment in such a short turnaround time frame!

My number one rule of thumb that I tell my Real Estate clients when they are investing early on in the career or for the first time is to seek properties that are located in nice neighborhoods and only need minimal amounts of work. That's because basic updates and cosmetic work (such as painting, perhaps new kitchen cabinets and bathroom tile and new flooring) can go a long way when it comes to turning a nice profit on a home. My current listing is the perfect opportunity to offer just that!

Listing Details:

- A spacious one level Townhouse centrally located in Aventura

- 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 1-covered parking plus one extra space

- The property is in original condition and needs some T.L.C. from the right buyer! Perfect for a family that wants to remodel it with their own taste

- Located in a gated comunity of Harbor Village, Aventura within walking distance to the marina, shops and restaurants

Contact me today online or reach me directly on the phone to discuss pricing and availability: (786) 514-7189.


Aventura PArk Square Update: Here is What's Coming Soon

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Tags:  Remodel, Miami Investment Homes, Miami real estate, Miami, Miami Fixer Upper, Fixer Upper, Investing, Miami homes

Aventura Park Square in Aventura, FL is Miami's newest Real Estate development ready to take South Florida by storm! I've previoulsy written about this amazing new communitie's approach to green living, you can read all about it here. Now, as the Miami Real Estate developers get closer and closer to opening day, I would like to share with you more highlights that were recenlty added to this project's scope of work, just adding more reason to invest in Aventura.

What We Know:

Aventura Park Square will offer Miami Real Estate shoppers access to a cutting edge residential tower.

What's New?

Aventura Park Square has joined forces with famed Miami Interior Design Firm, Interior sby Steven G and is now offering nine exclusive, fully furnished move-in ready residences. Residents can mix-and-match from a world of extravagant but affordable options to create the home of your dreams.

What We Know:

Aventura Park Square is already slated to offer an unparalleled experience of social living by creating a community-based center of living offering top restaurants, shops and retail opportunities.

What's New:

- Barry's Bootcamp has recently been added to the lineup of fitness studios coming soon! At Barry's, you'll get a fitness experience that provides an immersive, high-intensity, one hour workout.

- SolidCore is also on board to offer Aventura Square Residents and visitors a 50-minute, low impact strength class that resembles pilates but will provide a workout like no other in the world.

- Graziano's will offer residents a fine cuisine option within Aventura, featuring Argentinian cuisine, Graziano's is sure to offer a dining experience like no other in Aventura.

Very few residences remain available at Aventura Park Square so please contact me today to take advantage of this amaxzing opportunity!


Contemporary Living in Hallandale Beach

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tags:  Real Estate, Miami, Miami real estate, Claudia Ramirez, Claudia Ramirez Realtor, Hallandale Beach

Contemporary Living in Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach is no longer a retirement-only South Florida zone. Enter 2000 Ocean, the newest luxury living project to feature Minotti interiors and environmentally-friendly design by Enrique Norton - TEN Arquitectos.

The Real Estate market of Hallandale Beach is not commonly known as the most popular because it typically caters to a more traditional buyer looking for retirement homes. However, if you follow along with me on my Blog, you know that I write about how much South Florida is experiencing a major Real Estate boom across most cities from the South of Fifth to South Beach to Miami Shores to Fort Lauderdale and everywhere in between. From private islands at Bal Harbour featuring ultra-exclusive property (see more about Prive Miami here) to an immense green-living community in Aventura (see more about Aventura Park Square here), South Florida is no longer forcing buyers to look in just one area because they have the best options. Contemporary residential living is now coming to Hallandale Beach.

2000 Ocean (located at 2000 South Ocean Drive, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009) will embody nature, inside and out, featuring residences of brushed metal and translucent glass, promoting wellness through a system of calculated activities designed collaboratively to create a new type of architectural structure and way of living.

The building will rise 38-stories above the Atlantic Ocean with the goal of bringing mansion-style living via vertical means. 2000 Ocean will feature half-floor residences, full-floor penthouses and one sky villa with a private pool deck. Stay tuned for in-depth pricing. Each residential unit will have an Ocean-facing private terrace and Intracoastal-facing private garden terrace to enjoy the perks of both of Miami’s beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Wellness was a core concept when creating the design plan for the interior residences. Natural patterns of sleeping, walking, rest and social activity are factored into the plan of design as the orientation of the rooms manifests human nature. Sunlight and energy are optimized throughout. 2000 Ocean is also the first U.S. project to be fully curated by Minotti.

This concept of wellness is carried through the amenities and is grounded by the experience of the Atlantic Ocean itself. The property will feature a vibrant outdoor “Oceanfront Living Room” with an oceanfront swimming pool, private cabanas, juice bar, cafe and an outdoor fireplace on the East side and on the West Side a sunset lounge pool with cabanas, an outdoor bar, kitchen and cinema. Both the East and West side amenities are designed to encourage and harness the energy of mother nature. 2000 Ocean will also feature the standard amenities one should find in a luxury building such as a state-of-the-art fitness center, yoga room, pilates studio, treatment rooms and relaxation room, heated Hammam, reflective pool, sculptural garden, lush curated gardens with lemon trees, indoor theatre and entertainment room.

Pricing will start at $2.8 million with expected occupancy by 2020. An on-site sales gallery will be launching soon so please stay tuned for more information or contact me today to schedule a meeting.


Final Inspection! Aventura Real Estate is Hot on the Market

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Tags:  Real Estate Inspection, Miami real estate, Miami, Claudia Ramirez Realtor, Miami Realtor, Claudia Ramirez, Aventura

Claudia Ramirez Realtor Diary - Final Inspection Day in Aventura!

Claudia Ramirez, Top Miami Realtor, gets ready to close on another gorgeous property in the heart of Aventura, Miami as we set forth on another final inspection. Let's dive into why I love Aventura as one of South Florida's most prosperous cities to live.

As a top Realtor working throughout South Florida, I often get asked by my clients, where is your favorite city, area, neighborhood to recommend? While of course there is no right answer to this question because as we know, in Real Estate, making a choice is never perfect, there is compromise involved and weighing of the pro's and con's on the Real Estate scale. Decisions are influenced by cost, location, amenities, the surrounding area and time. But I do have to admit that I have a soft spot when it comes to Aventura, FL.

Not only is the city of Aventura already an extremely great choice for young families, older couples, business focused residents but the plans for booming Real Estate will only help drive up the net worth of the city, your home and investment. Check out the green-centered community of Aventura Park Square that will be bringing two new residential towers, running and walking pathways amongst new restuarants, boutiques, cafe's and business space by reading Urban Living in the heart of Aventura here.

I am so fortunate to report on another final inspection at a beautiful home in Aventura with a beautiful family about to embark on owning their newest home. The final inspection is a walk through of the property, arranged by your Reeal Estate agent (that's me) at least a week before closing. The goal is to ensure that the property's condition hasn't changed since your last visit and hat all agreed-upon repairs have been made and that the terms of your contract will be met. After this meeting has been recorded as satisfactory, next up is the closing meeting. During this time the seller will sign documents that officially transfer property ownership. You receive and sign documents related to the mortgage agreement and ownership of the property and also pay any closing costs and escrow payments. But we will get to that step next! For now, we will enjoy a successful final inspection!

For more information on finding your Miami Real Estate dream home, contact me today online or call (786) 514-7189.


Why the Porsche Design Tower is Blowing Minds

Friday, January 19, 2018

Tags:  Porsche Living, Porsche Design Tower, Miami real estate, Porsche, Claudia Ramirez Realtor, Claudia Ramirez, Miami, Sunny Isles Beach

The Porsche Design Tower is Changing the Residential Skyline

The new Porsche Design Tower of the Sunny Isles Beach Real Estate market has an ingenious elevator system called the Dezervator, named after the residential tower’s own developer Gil Dezer. This is an elevator the likes of which you’ve never seen, and probably never imagined, before beside the one in New York City. It doesn’t just take you up to your floor or private entrance into an apartment, the glass elevator takes both you AND your vehicle up to your private floor. The elevator then places you and your car in your elevated garage right next to your unit. Think about just how beneficial this could be on a daily basis - you don’t have to leave your car in a parking garage, wondering if it's safe. Now you would have complete control over your vehicle and investment at all times with added and extra convenicen. This feature at the new Porsche Design Tower offers convenience and privacy that you simply can't find anywhere else right now in South Florida.

To be a part of this residential revolution, contact me today, (786) 514-7189, to discuss residential opportunities or visit me online to browse my listings.

I currenlty have a gorgeous four-bedroom unit avialbale. Fully-decorated, turn key and ready for move in! The amenities are endless: a lobby level restauarant overlooking the ocean, private wine lockers for each unit, one oceanfront pool and two oversized plunge spas located on the fifth floor sundeck overlooking the Intracoastal, a virtual golf stimulator, movie theatre with stadium seating, oceanfront ballroom with kitchen, a Men's and Women's spa equipped with snow room, sauna and steam rooms, oceanfront fitness center with yoga room, treatment and massage rooms and plush outdoor seating/sunbathing decks for ultimate relaxation and luxury.


What to Expect From Your Home Inspection

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Tags:  Miami real estate, Miami Realtor, Miami, Home Inspection, Real Estate, South Florida, Claudia Ramirez

What to Expect When Inspecting

If you’re a Real Estate buyer (new or experienced) who just signed one of the many great Aventura homes for sale in South Florida, then you are headed to one of the most important steps of the closing process, the home inspection. Here's what to expect so that you can handle this part with confidence.

The home inspection is one of the most important parts of the home purchasing process, yet most buyers don’t know what to expect. This is where your listing agent should step in, although more often that not, they aren't as helpful as a buyer should expect. I am always sure to do the proper research required about a property in advance and review with the seller any disclosures and necessary know-all about the property with my buyers, in advance. This is a time where I can point out any issues with the house (faulty electrical, appliances that don't work, leaky windows, et.c) that I might see in advance of closing, which is important to find at this stage in the game so that it can be addressed with the seller and the buyer together before signing, at which point, the buyer will have less leverage.

I always participate side-by-side with my buyer during the home inspection day. Along with standard interior check-ups, the inspector looks at places like the roof to ensure no tiles are missing as having to replace a roof quickly after signing would be super costly for a buyer and should be considered in the total closing costs. Every detail of the house should be looked at and noted on, from cracked grout in the bathrooms to mold under carpet to bigger issues like a wrecked roof or safety issues with an electrical panel.

All issues, questions or concerns that arise during an Aventura home for sale inspection could majorly impact the sale or affect the property’s final value. I take great pride in the inspectors that I work with and I, as my buyer's trusted Real Estate agent, like to work with a referred inspector who I trust and have used before. Typically the inspector will make notes and provide a detailed report within a few days. From there, it is up to your Real Estate to review the conditions and issues with the buyer before presenting any information to the seller to review and/or change the contract, if that's necessary.

For more information on homes available in South Florida, visit me online.


Happy New Year!

Monday, January 01, 2018

Tags:  Miami, Miami Realtor, Real Estate, New Year, Claudia Ramirez, Miami real estate

May this year be filled with happiness, success and prosperity for you and your loved ones.

2017 has been an incredible year for me personally and for my clients, followers, friends and family. My Miami Real Estate endeavors were booming in 2017 despite the constant reminder for a bad year in Real Estate. I closed many deals and along the way, met many incredible people and new friends. I ran full and half marathons that I never thought would be possible! Honing in on my love for running was a major personal accomplishment and growth for me. I also had the opportunity to travel to new and exciting places with my family including San Francisco, New York City, Texas, Chicago, Colorado, Spain and Japan (see my post, "what are some of the best places to visit in Japan" for a comprehensive travel guide to Japan).

While this past year is not complete without it's challenges and stressful moments, errr Hurricane Irma, we have all been able to push though to another day, stronger and wiser. Here is to an equally amazing year ahead - happy 2018 everybody! I look forward to every new opportunity life has in store!




Miami Real Estate: Why You Shouldn't Ignore Surfside, FL

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Tags:  South Florida, Real Estate, Miami real estate, Surfside, Claudia Ramirez Realtor, Claudia Ramirez, Miami

Why You Shold Live in Surfside, FL

Today on the blog, I would like to share details and in-depth information about the new Real Estate boom happening in Surfside, FL and why you should act on it now. Surfside offers a quaint, beach town vibe with its mile-long, shining and glistening beaches, luxury beachfront hotels, distinctive world-class shopping and culturally diverse restaurants. An abundance of family-friendly outdoor activities including the North Shore State Recreation Area, small bistros, coffee shops and juice bars and casual shopping all create a sort of special charm in Surfside that cannot be matched anywhere outside of South Florida. Surfside offers the perfect compromise between living just outside of the hustle and bustle of South Beach with access to all of the Miami Beach culture, nightlie and offerings just minutes away. Choose how to live your best life in Surfside, FL.

Taking advantage of living in the less-explored Surfside, before the neighborhood explodes, is still possible! Let's explore one of my favorite Miami Real Estate options below, the Solimar Condo.

- 2 Bedrooms and 2.5 Bathrooms in the Solimar North Building with Ocean and Pool Views

- Open Floor Plan featuring Marble and Hardwood Flooring with a Private Entry Foyer/Elevator Shared by only Two Units

- Building amenities include direct access to the beach, private pool, fitness center, community room and more

- Move-In Ready!! This unit is in Mint-Condition coming preppred with a neutral color palette and window treatments

- Asking Price is $1,479,000 | $1,187 Association Fee | $150 Application Fee

For more information or to schedule a showing, contact me today or visit my listing here.


Meet the Barona View

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Tags:  Claudia Ramirez Realtor, Miami real estate, Miami, Sabbia Beach, Claudia Ramirez, Miami Realtor

Today on the blog, I am introducing stunning new Miami Real Estate project, Sabbia Beach. "On the Beach. Of the Ocean" is the luxury waterfront's motto, and it's a good one. Here's Why.

Located at 730 North Ocean Boulevard, one of Pompano Beach's latest luxury condo projects, Sabbia Beach is home to only 68 spacious residences, including two, three and four bedroom unit options. Let's dive into the incredible features:

- Each unit will feature private and semi-private elevator access leading to your residence entry way

- Floor-to-floor glass windows and sliders for the ultimate in dramatic, modern

- Explansive balconies offering ocean, city and intracoastal waterway views

- Completely renovated chef style kitchens including custom, Italian cabinets, hand-selected stone countertops and both Miele and Sub-Zero appliances

- Luxurious bathrooms featuring Toto toilet and a freestanding soaking tub

- Large master suites with walk-in closets

Take advantage of the indulgent amenities of this Miami Real Estate opportunity building which include common spaces designed by Interiors by Steven G, boutique lobby, lush landscaping, state-of-the-art concierge and security, 24/7 valet parking or private covered parking, bike storage, 3,600 sqft. multipurpose social room including bar, sports lounge and catering kitchen, spa with treatment rooms including steam rooms, world-class fitness center with direct ocean views and an exotic oceanfront pool deck with heted pool and oceanfront jacuzzi.

Don't miss out on this beautiful opportunity. The Barona residence is a 2,525 square foot, three bedroom + den, four bathroom elegant residence with a wrap around blacony offering sweeping ocean views. Contact me today to schedule a showing.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Tags:  Miami real estate, Holidays in Miami, Happy Thanksgiving, Miami, Miami Realtor, Claudia Ramirez

I am extremely grateful to be celebrating a year filled with success, happiness, travel, family, friends, learning, loving, motivation and exploration. My wishes are for everyone to feel the same in the next year to come. Sending thanks to all of my clients, followers and readers. I hope you have a beautiful Holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!




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Fixer Upper Opportunity in Aventura
Take advantage of Miami's booming Real Estate market by investing in a fixer upper home....

Aventura PArk Square Update: Here is What's Coming Soon
Aventura Park Square in Aventura, FL is Miami's newest Real Estate development ready to...

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